Its the end of the world

Story Line

May 10, 2013. Xena and Darla have been in the shelter for almost 5 months now. Finally after signs that the environment is stabilizing, the decide that it’s time to leave. They decide to make a trek to the main house to gather supplies for the escapade to find a more defendable location. Before they are able to make their way, a band of survivors arrive. Thinking the place is abandoned they start looking at the three ATVs left outside the shelter. Xena and Darla both hear the survivors talking and decide to play it safe. They open the door guns drawn and point them at the only one they can see at the time, a big guy carrying a sledgehammer. Through careful negotiations by both parties they come to an agreement to trade the 3 ATVs for a Rhino that the others had. After talking for a while they reveal themselves to be The Nuclear Rascals. After the trade is complete Xena and Darla make their way to the house. Inside they find canned food, 2 thermoses, water, batteries and other needed supplies. On their way down the stairs Xena ‘hears’ “Might as well Jump!” Not exactly knowing what to make of this she hesitates; they fall through the stairs and into the laundry room. Darla twists her ankle but is otherwise fine. On their way out they see a note from their friend who left it before going off on his own. It says that he was part of a research team at MCG trying to develop a cure for the plague before the US was hit. He had managed to manufacture several versions but didn’t have the chance to test it on human specimens. After making their way back to the shelter they decide they can live one more day in it, so that they could start fresh the next day.

May 11. Xena and Darla decide to make their way to MCG. On their way they stop by the old Goodwill on Wrightsboro road to see if they could talk The Rascals into joining them. However when they get there the place is loaded with the bodies of the “The Crazys”. While they were looking around a crazy came around the corner waving a revolver at them. After shooting it dead they discover that the gun is in fact Marvin Battle’s. With the help of Freddy the Cat they find another live crazy laying with the dead corpses. The immediately shoot it in the head. In his hand they find another pistol.

When they got to MCG they hid the Rhino in the parking garage to keep it out of sight of anyone who might take it. They head to the lab of their friend’s and start digging around for research notes and what not. After they figure out that the antidote is in the lab freezer they decide to take a look. Darla this time ‘hears’ “Your as cold as ice!” and hesitates. Brushing it off she opens the freezer and a blast of Liquid Nitrogen sprays into the freezer. Missing both of them but the air still affected Xena a bit.

On the back wall in the freezer are many vials of brown liquid, some almost clear some you can’t see through at all. They take a few of each and start looking for needles and syringes. After they find some they start talking about how they are actually going to get close enough to administer the injection. At which point they hear a thump outside the window, somebody was peeping in.

After standing there for a few minutes he doesn’t go away so Xena and Darla go around to see what’s going on. When they get around to the other side they don’t see anyone. But they hear somebody whispering to them. It turns out the guy isn’t crazy he’s just a “Dumbass” so thats what they call him since they don’t know his real name. Dumbass tells them to meet him at Rock Bottom Music downtown and he’d help them out a little.

When they get there the place is sandbagged from top to bottom with only the upper half of the door exposed. Dumbass waves them inside from a door leading out onto 7th street. Once inside they see the place is outfitted with guns galore. The only place thats not full is the office which he’s turned into a makeshift bedroom. He asks them what they were doing at MCG and they tell him. Finally hearing enough he decides to let them in on his “Secret.”

He leads them to the library on 9th and Greene and shows them to the back room where he has a crazy strapped to a table still alive. Believing that the antidotes might help they give No Name an injection of the darkest vial. It calms him down temporarily but all they are able to get out of him are strict yes or no answers by squeezing a stress toy. He soon returns to his mental state and actually passes out from hyperventilation. The second injection goes much better and they are actually able to get him to write his answers (while still strapped in of course). They make a lot of progress before No Name gets tired and needs to rest. The others decide to do the same. In the meantime the marine tells the party his story.

A few hours later Darla and Xena both get another “premonition”—“We fired our guns and the British kept a-coming.” They hit the deck. Paul isn’t sure whats going on so they let him know the circumstances of their thoughts. A peek outside reveals a horde of crazies heading toward the library. Xena mans the M2 while Darla stands to protect Danny. Paul heads upstairs out of sight. Danny seeing Xena fumble around with the gun starts struggling. Darla releases him and he goes straight for the M2. After several kills the horde gets the idea that its pointless and breaks off.

Paul comes downstairs with a Dragunov and tells the party they are no longer safe in the library. While they are gathering things up and discussing what to do next. A police car pulls up outside. Over the megaphone “Give up! Let the plague take you. You cannot hold out forever.” As soon as the party tries to get a look the car speeds away. When finished they decide its fairly safe to leave. As they cross Greene St. they spot the car several blocks down.

When they get back to Rock Bottom Music they fortify it and board up the back door. A couple hours go by and Danny starts to get a little hyper. Feeling for their safety he allows them to strap him down and knock him out with another dose.

After assigning guard duty and eating supper everybody gets ready to sleep. However they notice that the police car keeps driving by. Finally Xena gets tired of it and wants to put a stop to it. She devises a plan to where she will run out in front of the car while Darla will run up and open the door. However when the time comes the person hits the gas and swerves to try and hit Xena and Darla gets a glimpse of the person. It’s her ex-boyfriend who attempted to have her killed.


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