Today is May 10, 2013. A few months back, the day fortold by the ancients, Hell arose on the earth. Nobody is really sure how it started but rumor has it that North Korea spotted what they thought was an ICBM, Inter Continental Ballistic Missile, fired from the US. In retaliation they fired several nukes at major US cities wiping them off the face of the earth. The following cities no longer exist.

New York, Dallas, L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, Columbus, San Antonio, Memphis, Atlanta, Iran who was in league with North Korea also fired several hundred biological missiles containing a rare but deadly strain of the small pox. Thus the pandemic spread. First by bodily fluids then evolving to spread by air. The virus is now being killed off by its own destruction. The symptoms are as follows in order of incubation.

Coughing or wheezing., Low Fever, Violent Outbursts followed by a Passive Demure attitude that continues throughout, Small red bumps typical of Small or Chicken pox., Red bumps become large boils, Death,

Some people somehow immune to this virus have taken shelter to guard themselves against the afflicted. This is where they find themselves. The PCs are in a storm shelter owned by a friend of theirs, Located in Augusta, GA. Their friend who noticed he was coming down with the symptoms, decided he was going to leave to save them. He took a gun with one bullet and left. That was three weeks ago. Now the PCs are running low on rations. This is where our story begins.

Its the end of the world

Ally Nikki